During the past two decades, animal farming has diversified. Intense and big volume animal farming is being realized by massive foundations with rather minimal costs. This high permormance farming, however is not always in the favor of animals’ health. On the other hand, there are high infection risks.

In time, in order to keep animals healthy with a an effective performance, better medicines and healthy nutritions became essential. In line with this, massive antibiotics and chemical substances were developed and took place in the markets…ofcourse, with some astonishing results.

Right after few years, there were side effects! During the last couple of years, more resistant bacterias derived and became a considerable threats in for the animals.

Both in the world and in Turkey, the interest for herbal extracts have been highly increased for both human’s and animal’s health

GREEN, has been founded in order to supply products which are 100% natural, nutritions of herb extracts, has zero residue, non-chemical and non synthetic, friendly with environment with a unique mission and new understanding for animal farming.

Green is the distributor of a Belgium based company, in line with the same understandig with us, HERBAVITA BVBA.

HERBAVITA has a mission of nature friendly, healthy, organic and well balanced animal farming. HERBAVITA, offers affordable, economical alternative natural solutions.
HERBAVITA, products rely on one common sense which is naturally increase animals’ health and their immune systems, supporting their performances by supplying natural herbal extracts which are already existing in nature.

All products are 100% natural. HERBAVITA, products are not conventional medicines! Therefore, there are no side effects.
HERBAVITA products take place in the market after intensive tests and well rounded reasearchs. HERBAVITA products are being consumed in Europe with highly successful results.

The merge of these understandings and perspectives, our company’s name is GREEN which is the symbol of “standing for the nature”. We are so proud to start a brand new era in animal farming and caring in Turkey.